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Hello to all! Welcome back to the channel. Today I have my full review of the Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated Amplifier. This is the sweetest sounding amp and I talk about my feelings, from the heart, for this amp! I bought this amp BLIND with my own money and do not have any affiliation with Pass Labs or any dealer I may mention. This video is not monetized.

The sound demos here are not here to show you what this amp sounds like, but to give you an idea of the tonality only. It is impossible to hear any HiFi piece over YouTube, period. You may be hearing 15-20% of the sound, if that, through a video. What you will not hear here is the depth, the layering, the holographic soundstage, or the small details and air around each instrument.

Overall I feel this amp is the perfect mate to ANY Klipsch Heritage speaker and speakers that are efficient or an easier drive.

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