Riffing on the KILLER Mesa BADLANDER

Writing riffs on the Mesa Boogie Badlander. Full signal chain below ⬇️

If you're interested in the Badlander, check it out at zZounds and it helps me out: https://www.zzounds.com/a--3978724/item--MES2BD53BB?siid=316050

============== SIGNAL CHAIN:

Guitars: Epiphone Jerry Cantrell Les Paul Custom, Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom
Pedals: Maxon OD808, Boss DD-500: https://www.zzounds.com/a--3978724/item--BOSDD500?siid=178973
Amp: Mesa Boogie Badlander 50W Combo
Cabinet: Suhr Pete Thorn 2x12 w/ Celestion Creamback 75's
Microphone: Shure SM57 & Neumann TLM102

Bass: Fender American Professional II Precision Bass
Bass Amp: JST Bassforge Rex Brown
Drums: Getgood Drums P:IV

All into: Universal Audio Apollo 8p, Logic Pro X

Shopping for gear? Do it here and support the channel in the process: https://www.zzounds.com/a--3978724

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