Robben Ford: Blues for Guitar - 4 solos from 1984

In circa 1995 (high school days), I borrowed a blues lesson cassete tape from a friend, entitled "Robben Ford - Blues for Guitar". I spent hours and hours listening and trying to play these solos (I didn't even own an electric guitar during that time), unsuccessfully. Eventually, I gave up, I don't know what happened to the tape, but the melodies got inside my head.

Suddenly (26 years later), I had a dream with these melodies and decided to play them, now that I own some electric guitars. And I came across such a nice video from Mr. @Ota Pinkner (Thank you, Ota!).

I chose my Fender Japan Custom Yngwie J. Malmsteen signature guitar, along with my Fender Princeton 112 (combo) amp, and nothing else (no pedals). The backing track was recycled from my Butler Bag's video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDcKjtqRYHs).
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