Robin Hood Mod Part 2

In this video I finish up the fabrication and installation of the bracket and socket onto my compound bow.

As always, big thanks to my Patreons, you guys are awesome!
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If you are planning on any resin based projects or are needing silicone to cast your residual limb to fabricate a socket. go to Alumilite and use forge10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

I also have an Amazon link, and here it is! It helps me out a little if you click on this link and then checkout with whatever is in your cart.

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I also have a website that I don't update very often, but it has a lot of my old projects on it. https://forgeprostheticdevices.com/

Full Disclosure
Last month Creality contacted me and offered to supply me a new 3d printer to use to work on a printed version of my partial hand prosthetic. They sent me a Sermoon D1 and a couple rolls of TPU filament to use.
Here are the links if you'd like to get a printer of your own like the one that they sent me!

Official Website:https://www.creality.com/
Sermoon D1: https://bit.ly/3vRS2vP
Where can I buy the filaments : https://vip.creality.com/en

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