RSGB Tonight @ 8 - Starting out in microwave bands with Neil Underwood, G4LDR

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This webinar provides the basic information you need to understand the microwave bands and how to become operational on them.

Topics covered include:
1. What are the microwave bands?
2. Propagation properties and microwave beacons
3. What classes of licence can use which microwave bands?
4. Equipment requirements including antennas and transverters
5. Examples of typical equipment, including simple wideband systems
6. Operating on the microwave bands, including satellites, contests and activity periods
7. Resources to help you get going on the microwave bands

Those who become operational on the microwave bands will find there are plenty of opportunities to try the many aspects of this part of the hobby.
These include operating portable from a hilltop using relatively simple equipment; satellite operating; DXing; trying different operating modes including CW, voice, digital and even DATV; right through to probably the most challenging part of the hobby, moonbounce or EME.

Find out more:

International Microwave Handbook – 2nd Edition – edited by Andy Barter, G8ATD
Microwave Know How – edited by Andy Barter, G8ATD

RSGB 2015 Convention lecture – A low cost start on the GHz bands from an HF CW ops perspective! by Simon Jude, G7SOZ

RSGB 2016 Convention lecture – Moving up to 1.3GHz by John Worsnop, G4BAO

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