Rural Youth Forum: What Is the Future for Rural Areas Without Young People?

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ORFC Global 2021 Session

Migration of young people away from rural areas is taking place across the world, with fragile infrastructure and services cited as some of the key reasons for this demographic shift. Atop of the day-to-day disadvantages that rural youth face, the climate emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis threaten their futures. How can rural young people be better supported to create the change they wish to see in their rural areas? How can they be encouraged to raise their voices on rural issues? What changes do they think need to keep young people, and attract more to live, work or study in rural areas? 

This panel discussion will bring together rural young people from across the world to discuss the realities of being a rural young person, as well as their perspective on what needs to change to transform rural areas and make them inviting and fit for the future.

Russ Carrington
Ffion Storer Jones
Dirk-Jan (DJ) Kloet
Ana Sayago
Anja Fortuna

Jane Craigie

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