RV Water Tank Maintenance How To, Step by Step Sanitize (RV Living Full Time) 4K

How clean is your water in your RV? If you use your fresh water holding tank for drinking water, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, cooking or even taking a shower, you should sanitize your water tank and, the entire plumbing system in your RV periodically. This is another important RV maintenance that many people don't do. For those of you de-winterizing your trailer, getting your rig out of storage, or getting ready for camping season, this is a perfect time.

In this video, I go over a very simple DIY how to 4 step process to sanitize your RV water system that will work on any camper that anyone can do. I also go over how to use the siphon method with our Nautilus P1 plumbing system to cleanse the system with Camco Spring Fresh cleaner/deodorizer after sanitizing with the bleach solution. Whether you're a newbie or beginner, a weekender, or full time, I go step by step over the procedure including diagrams to help illustrate the procedure. I also show all the RV must haves for this process as well. I'm not a trailer maintenance pro, but show my own experience since we went full time in our RV. See the chapters below.

0:00 Intro
1:41 Why Sanitize
2:08 How Often
2:35 Preparation
3:06 Supplies
4:30 Extras
5:51 Hose Method
11:16 Diagram
12:48 Siphon Method
13:41 Spring Fresh
15:43 Siphon Diagram
16:05 Water Heater

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