Sansui BA-5000 power amp twins, Vintage Hifi, Definition Se

This is a fresh recording for those who saw my old videos. This is one of my audio systems and my favorite, my Vintage Sansui Definition series setup.
It primarily consists of 2 x BA-5000 power amps, 2 x CA-3000 preamps, G-8000 receiver, SC-5110 cassette deck, TU-9900 tuner, SE-9 Equalizer, QS-1 Quadphonic Synthesizer, SR-929 & SR-838 turntables. There are also 3 x 400 CD Sony CD players, all daisy chain connected, so I don't run out of choice. There's also a heap of other assorted components on the shelves you may notice in the video.
The amps drive a pair of JBL L220's, JBL L150A's, AR TSW-910's, Infinity RSM's, Bose 901's. Theres also a Definitive Technology Reference SuperCube Subwoofer hidden back up behind the amp stacks, for when I really want to shake the house!
I can switch the speakers around quickly through the QS-1 which can make it a 4 channel setup at the flick of a switch. The 2nd CA-3000 allows me to split the system in half, affectively 2 systems which allows great flexibility overall.
The song playing is a Mother Goose version of the Rolling Stones "Paint it Black" which apparently Mick Jagger said was the best cover of their song he had ever heard.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and my Sansui gear.
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