Saying Goodbye To Her Best Friend

Salish and Nidal play one more game on the beach before saying goodbye.

Salish & Nidal memories:
The Truth About Their Relationship (Official Music Video) https://youtu.be/66ChoYhqVh4
KIDS vs ADULTS Cute Gymnastics & “Couples" Challenge ❤️ https://youtu.be/aFK7T7SjXRU
Instagram Controls My Daughter At Disneyland *NOT a Date!* https://youtu.be/ffsxyPC4000
Boy vs Girl LAST TO LEAVE HAUNTED HOUSE https://youtu.be/IEp31mUaxfg
YouTubers Play SQUID GAME In Real Life! *NEW CHALLENGES* https://youtu.be/KEjC5BsCQ_E

Jiji put the couch interview on her channel: Q&A w/Nalish ** very chaotic** https://youtu.be/CmqKYu2LHxk

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Video by Sandy Chase

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