SbS Colloquium 2021 | Derek Groen - VVUQ using the VECMA toolkit

Abstract: In this talk Dr. Groen will highlight the VECMA toolkit, which enables researchers to perform verification, validation, uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis on their simulations irrespective of their scientific domain or scale of execution. For instance he will explain how users can mix and match different components to speed up development, perform automated validation routines and quickly run large studies to analyse the behavior of their models under different conditions or with different assumptions. In particular Dr. Groen will highlight two applications: (i) the Flee migration model, which is applied in several regions in Africa in a collaboration with the Save The Children NGO to forecast where people will migrate to when conflicts erupt, and (ii) the Flu And Coronavirus Simulator, which is used to make hyperlocal epidemiological predictions in collaboration with local Hospital Trusts in North and West London.

Bio: Dr. Derek Groen is a Lecturer in Simulation and Modelling at Brunel University, specializing in modelling migration and policy decisions. After a PhD in Computational Astrophysics both at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University and working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Computational Science, UCL, he joined Brunel University in September 2015 to become a Lecturer and currently collaborates in the EU ComPat project about multiscale computing towards the Exascale. Furthermore, Dr. Groen is an Emeritus Fellow for the EPSRC-funded 2020 Science Network, a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, and a Visiting Lecturer at the Centre for Computational Science at University College London.

About: The Simulation-Based Science Community is an initiative to bring researchers across the various departments of the University of Amsterdam together to foster expertise on simulation based methods. We organize workshops, panels and lectures on a weekly basis and are thereby home to a lively community of engaged researchers. We work in close collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Study, which also hosts our meetings. For more information, please visit: https://www.sbscommunity.nl/​​​​

The 2021 SbS colloquium series was organized by Eric Dignum, Fabian Dablander, Alex Gabel, Christian Spieker, Anna Keuchenius, Vitor Vasconcelos, and Mike Lees.
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