Seaward [guitar loop session]

Going back to basics with a little live-looping session on the guitar. In case that's not obvious, this was heavily influenced by the ever inspiring @Sean Angus Watson. ✨ You can grab the guitar tab on Patreon if you want : https://www.patreon.com/aldoistaken

My setup for this little jam was really simple : I had the guitar plugged straight into the Glou-Glou Loupé and then into my Elektron Digitakt that I used as an audio interface. The audio signal was recorded dry and I added a bunch of processing in Logic afterward. I didn't use a proper amp simulation but rather a combination of compression, EQ, tape saturation, reverb, etc. And that was basically it!

Shout out to Jaded and Corny for helping with the camera and light setup, drop them a follow if you feel like it, they both make great music :

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