Sepultura "Desperate Cry" Guitar Cover

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Getting some serious "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" vibes from that intro fade in.

Tried to post a Death cover today but couldn't. More info in comments.

Gear used:
Guitar: Solar V1.6FRC
Amp simulator: Bias FX
DAW: Ableton Live
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo
MIDI Footswitch: Behringer FCB1010 via M-Audio Uno
Video Editor: OpenShot Video Editor (freeware)
Camera: Canon Powershot G7X MkII

A bit about my tone:
I'm using 2 instances of Bias FX (1, not Bias FX 2), panned slightly left and right in Ableton Live. Both instances have separate presets. I've uploaded these presets to the Bias FX Tonecloud (in both Bias FX 1 and 2). The presets are called "DeathLeftSide" and "DeathRightSide". The tone I'm using was built in Bias FX 1. I have migrated it directly to Bias FX 2, but it sounds different and I haven't tweaked it.

Apart from Bias plugins, I'm also using an EQ and a Gate in Ableton before Bias, and more EQ after Bias. Long story short: I scooped out a TON of mids and took a good chunk of the boominess out of the low end.
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