Set to fail by lamb of god (guitar cover with solo)

Hey guys, check out my cover "Set to fail" by lamb of fod in their album "Wrath". I'm sorry for my mistakes on the song especially on the solo i just made up some licks there just to make it sound alike hahaha i think its cheating haha but to be honest i really have hard time doing it right so that's it haha. All rights reserved to Lamb of god.

Gears used:

Guitar: Thompson Les paul all stock (low budget)
Strings: D' addario EXL120 9/42
Interface : Irig & ipad mini 1st gen (low budget)
Plug ins: Ampkit app from IOS
Peavy ValveWing & 4x12 ValveWing Teavoy Cab
Amp simulator for Guitar 1 & 2
Solo (clean channel & MV electronics SHREDHEAD)
CCA C12 Hi Fi in ear fo monitors
All rights reserved to Mixcraft 8 audio mixing software
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