Should you clean your Throttle Body and How to clean it on Toyotas

A Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician explains Should you clean your throttle body and How to do it safely without damaging the throttle body.

In this much requested video I show you how to clean your throttle body. If you watch my channel regularly you'll know that I always tell my viewers that you need to know how to do things but more importantly you need to know why you are doing them.

We'll start with a brief history on Toyota Throttle body designs. Then I'll explain exactly why you need to clean the throttle body on your Toyota.

Then we'll dig into how to clean it. You don't need to remove the throttle body from the car to clean it, however if you prefer to do so you will need to replace the gasket so you won't risk vacuum leaks.

This is a very simple procedure to do and very DIY friendly. Follow the precautions and you're on your way to service your car and save a few bucks in the process.

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Why cleaning is needed
7:53 Throttle Body Cleaning
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