SiC Hybrid and Full SiC MOSFET Modules Improve Solar Inverter Efficiency and Power Density

The worldwide demand for solar inverters continues to snowball, driven both by the growth in renewable energy and the decreasing cost of electricity from solar farms. These solar farms use strings of solar panels rated at 1100 V or 1500 V. Using 1500 V reduces the overall installation cost per kilowatt compared with 1100 V systems but requires higher voltages on the boost and inverter circuits in the solar inverter. For reduced maintenance costs, solar farms generally use several smaller interchangeable inverters rather than one large central inverter. We will review how to increase the power density of 1100 V inverters by using full SiC boost modules. SiC hybrid modules configured in either symmetric boost or flying capacitor boost topologies increase the power density for 1500 V inverters. Finally, we will review the benefit of using SiC diodes in the output stages of 1100 V and 1500 V solar inverters. 

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