Six Secrets Of Sustain For Electric Guitar [And Quite A Bit On Feedback Too] – That Pedal Show

Sustain is the holy grail for many guitar players. So what it is, how do you get more of it, and why do we care so much? We look at six things you can do…

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Welcome to the show! What about sustain then? Why are we so obsessed with it when it comes to electric guitars? Let’s be honest – most of us are so eager to play the next note that any actual, meaningful sustain is largely pointless isn’t it?
Well, not really. As we discuss and demonstrate, there’s more to sustain than meets the ear. Maybe it’s not just about the length of the sustain. Maybe it’s more about the envelope of the note dynamic; the EQ; the harmonic feedback; the interaction with the speaker… and lots of other cool stuff. We get into all that and more, offering tips and advice on how you might improve your own sustain. Well, your guitar’s sustain anyway.

Enjoy the show!

Gear in this episode
• TheGigRig Three2One

• TC Electronic Poly Tune 3 Mini Noir
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/30GVcUn
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/zaNkA6
Australia: http://bit.ly/348bMOY

• Chase Bliss Automatone Preamp MkII
UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/311MdP7
Australia: http://bit.ly/2oxRdJ3

• Empress Compressor MkII
UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/3atbpUn
Australia: https://bit.ly/3uVpqSl

• Hamstead Zenith Amplitude Booster:
UK & Europe: https://bit.ly/3wXTG0B
Australia: https://bit.ly/2RuvUJl

• ProCo RAT 2
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2Tmovw3
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/3Pe36d
Australia: https://bit.ly/2Vj4ntr

• Providence Chrono Delay
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2RMtpjU

• Meris Mercury7 Reverb
UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/2Jb6RVq
USA: https://imp.i114863.net/NKkV12
Australia: http://bit.ly/2VHxcBo

• TheGigRig G3

• Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature & 212 cab with TR1265B speakers
• Victory VC35 The Copper & 212 cab with one Celestion G12M Greenback and one G12 Anniversary

Interesting bits and go-to sections
- Sustaaaaiiiinnnn!: 00:00
- You would though, if it were playing: 01:43
- What are we doing today?: 02:56
- What is sustain: 04:30
- More sustain – Strat or Les Paul?: 05:22
- Transients and decay: 09:05
- But nobody needs sustain…: 10:35
- …yes we do – it’s about dynamics! 12:05
- Thing 1 – Volume: 14:15
- Things 2 & 3 – Gain/Overdrive & Feedback: 19:40
- Inducing feedback: 23:35
- Thing 4 – EQ: 28:21
- Thing 5 – Compression: 36:30
- Thing 6 – Tricks! 57:16

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