Sofirn SD01 Budget Dive Light - How to prepare it for technical diving?

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If you buy a scuba dive torch, you'll most likely recognize the fast shrinking of your wallet. Usually a dive light is quite expensive, especially when it is suitable for technical diving, like the Halcyon Flare EXP, Scaleo Infinity, Orcatorch and so on. Still there are some maufacturers out there who are able to offer a low budget dive light - but is that really an alternative to a diving flashlight from one of the premium manufacturers? Or can you make it a nice low budget dive light by some small adjustments? I got my hands on the Sofirn SD01 and made it a nice dive light even for technical dives!

Just for info: I made a mistake in the video. 4 cells with 3.7 V add up to 14.8 V instead of 11.1 V. However, this makes not really a difference in the end.

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*The Sofirn SD01:

Sofirn gave me this discount code today, so if you like to order the light, use this:



The Halcyon Flare EXP (which is my goto handheld dive light):

*The luxmeter I used:

The Goodman Handle I used:

00:00 Intro
02:03 A first look
03:57 Necessary adjustments
05:50 Balancing
07:02 LED's
11:06 Power Source
15:31 Price
16:50 Do I like the SD01?

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