SpaceX Starship Capability Boost, Starlink mission to break record, BE-4 delay and NS-19

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Again a stupidly busy December week running up to the end of the year. Incredible stuff to share at Starbase such as the SpaceX Starship Capability Boost this beast being mounted and this incredible steering footage shared by Elon, the B2.1 test tank finally meeting the ‘Can Crusher’, and very interesting insights with Ship 20. We have the Starlink mission to break record as well. Sadly, a new delay with the James Webb Space Telescope, and then we have Blue Origin’s BE-4 delay and NS-19 first fully seated flight. We had Russia’s latest Proton launch, but also, a cosmonaut scheduled to fly on a Dragon!? Yep, you heard that right. China’s launch cadence is attracting more attention of late as well. So yes, it's been another huge week.

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