Special: Countdown to the best sim-racing seat - Basic 2023/1

A countdown to the best basic sim-racing cockpit. This video features all full cockpits I have reviewed the last half year and is a follow up on the 2022 edition of this video. The prices vary between 250€ and 500€ and all cockpits are full racing rigs featuring wheelbase holders, a pedal base holder and seating area.

00:00:32 QWare Racing Seat https://youtu.be/jMCYBBLSSuQ
00:01:53 Playseat Evolution https://youtu.be/80_JV7lFRzY
00:03:49 RaceRoom RR3055 https://youtu.be/Tq9PuM7OEUA
00:06:07 Playseat Revolution https://youtu.be/0QD6xDnFbZA
00:07:46 Oplite Nitrokart https://youtu.be/e0QBLdys1tw
00:10:03 Obutto oZone https://youtu.be/uQaXEIJT9zE
00:12:00 Next Level Racing F-GT https://youtu.be/32EMxcdDt0Q
00:14:12 GT Omega Titan - will be released soon
00:17:10 Oplite GTR v.1 https://youtu.be/oQF5M5a1z6s
00:19:44 Playseat Trophy https://youtu.be/b4LqpXJgUKs
00:22:42 GT Omega Art series https://youtu.be/Gj1DpMslATE
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