SplitVolt Circuit Splitter For Electric Vehicle Charging

I take a look at a SplitVolt circuit splitter, a device that allows EV chargers to safely share an existing 240v circuit, enabling the user to charge their EV without incurring the expense of adding a new 240v dedicated circuit. SplitVolt also allows the user to charge two EVs from a single circuit if they prefer.

This isn't a device that all EV owners need, but it will come in handy for many that don't want to add another dedicated circuit for their 240v EV charging equipment. In some instances, a complete service upgrade is necessary in order to add a 240v circuit and that can cost thousands of dollars. SplitVolt allows owners to charge their EV without doing the service upgrade.

SplitVolt also sells portable EV chargers, adapters, and high-powered extension cables for EV charging.

For more information, or to order one, visit their website at https://www.splitvolt.com/
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