Star Wars Mouse Droid | MSE-6

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The Star Wars Mouse Droid is an iconic droid seen throughout the films. From A New Hope, to the most recent Mandalorian series, the small droid finds it's way into the franchise. Today, the JunkYard Jedi sets out create a replica of this awesome droid and take us on the journey!

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Special Thank You To The Following Makers:

Mike Baddeley -

Christopher Edwards for his amazing software coding skills. You can find his posts on the Mouse Droid Builders Club:

Materials: Please note that some of the following links contain affiliate links that do not cost additional money, but help support the channel.

Flange Coupler

Electric Motor, 12 Volt 100 Watt MY6812B 12 for Razor E90

ESC, Bidirectional 5A Speed Controller

Arduino UNO

or Arduino Mega 2560

USB Host Shield

Bluetooth Dongle make sure it’s a Class 1

15 Watt Amp

MP3 Trigger for Sound


2-12v Lipo Batteries

Battery Monitors

Rubber TPU filament for Tires

PETG Filament for gears
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