Status Quo - Someone Show Me Home (Yamaha A-S2100, JBL 4312E)

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Издатель elliptical type needle reads noise better than a spherical or conical type.
Status Quo is no international reputation, but this band is a very famous rock band in England.
It smells a little like American sound, but I can feel the color of Early British rock.
I really like this album's jacket.

turntable : Pioneer PL-A58
cartridge : Glanz GMC-10EX (output Impedance 15Ω)
amp : Yamaha A-S2100 (MC phono Input Impedance 50Ω)
speaker : JBL 4312E
speaker cable : Norstone Aran Mounted
- Video (Sony HXR-NX5N)
- Audio (Sony ECM-XM1)
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