Steinberg Groove Agent 5 Tutorial Ep #17 - Acoustic Agent Styles

In this episode I describe how Acoustic Agent Styles integrate with Cubase, including an example of outputting midi data from Groove Agent in real time.

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Groove Agent 5 is my favourite Drum Plugin.

In this series we'll deconstruct it function by function, and figure out how to make great drum rhythms with the minimum of fuss and complexity.

About me:

My name is Anthony Chisnall. I'm a musician & songwriter.

My channel is these things:

1. A place to share my songs - via various 'Back on Track' video series - in which you'll see each song idea evolve step-by-step, with me (hopefully!) improving my song-writing skills as we go.
2. An outlet for me to discuss all things musical - including technical break-downs of software and tools that I use, as well as more wide-ranging discussions of topics that interest me.

I play the guitar (electric, acoustic, and bass), and record all of my own synth-based sounds myself too, but I can't sing very well (huge understatement!), and so my wife, Pauline, who has a lovely singing voice, has come to my rescue. You'll hear her on all of my songs.

All of my music is written in Steinberg's Cubase.

I try very hard to make my videos PRACTICAL and no-nonsense - if I don't use a feature, I'm not going to waste your time trying to sound like an expert on it! This is the stuff I use day-to-day, so I think that's also what you'd like to hear me talking about.

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