Steven Pinker and the Failure of New Optimism ft. We're in Hell

I’ve been gone for a while, and this is why! Hope you enjoy my critique of Pinker’s economics.

0:00 Intro
3:11 Part 1 (i) Poverty and Prosperity: Should We Trust the Data?
19:16 Part 1 (ii) Poverty and Prosperity: Understanding Poverty Measures
40:01 Part 2 (i) Inequality and Distribution: Why Distribution Matters
55:59 Part 2 (ii) Inequality and Distribution: the Dynamics of Inequality
1:13:46 Part 3 The Failure of New Optimism

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Produced by Hobbie Stuart
Artwork by Jacob Cob
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I am an academic economist from the UK who has long been critical of the economics profession and how economics is used in public policy. Mostly the channel will cover economics with a critical perspective but I aim to educate people about economics in the process, so I'll try to explain key concepts and ideas along the way. That way, even if you disagree with aspects of the videos you will hopefully learn something from them. Subscribe for more!

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