Still Going! Sur Ron Bee & Luna Ludicrous R Electric Motorcycle 4-Year Follow-up - Holmes Hobbies

Looking back at our E-Bike reviews, we noticed they had a ton of views! So naturally this forced John to want to give you an update on his Sur Ron bikes with a primary focus on the Limited Edition Sur Ron Luna Ludicrous R Electric Motorcycle . Quick backstory about it; Luna Cycle took the popular Sur Ron Light Bee and outfitted it with a bunch of improvements that make it an ultimate E-bike. This was a Limited Edition and only 20 were made. John got his hands on #3 and still has it today. In this video, he goes over how the bike has been holding up as well as the Sur Ron Bee and things he's done to his E-bikes during their use.

See the original Holmes Hobbies Sur Ron Bike review here: https://youtu.be/Nst1fVwwx-w

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