Strength Training: WOD Science x The Progrm

Become Bigger, Stronger, Faster. An evidence based strength program proven to get people like you results.

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0:03:51 How much protein in take is needed to support strength gains?
0:14:54 Best nutritional supplements to support training?
0:22:28 Does endurance training interfere with my strength training gains?
0:46:43 Women vs. men: does gender make a difference for strength training adaptations?
1:07:02 Explain how to optimally taper for peak performance?

WODScience, lead by Gommaar D'Hulst PhD and Henning Langer PhD, and The Progrm, lead by Head Coach John Singleton, who has helped over 20 athletes qualify to The CrossFit Games, have once again combined forces to bring you a program with one focus in mind. Getting you stronger.

This program is based on scientific studies that have proven results in gaining strength.

Over the next 8 weeks we will take you through not only the exercises you should be doing to build strength, but also the why behind them through video explanations on relevant topics.

If all that isn't enough, all 3 coaches will be on hand to help guide you through and answer your questions.


I am not strong at the moment, can I start this program?
100% YES, this is a progressive program, meaning when you get stronger the sessions get harder ;)

What equipment do I need?
Minimal: Barbell + Weights, Dumbbell or Kettlebell, Gymnastic pull up bar and a ideally machine, although this is not required.

I want to focus on strength but I don’t want to lose all my conditioning. Can I incorporate cardio sessions into this program?
We recommend to get the most out of the program you do not add any extra sessions. You will notice in some training days we add in additional conditioning to maintain your base.

How long is the program?
8 weeks with 1 week scheduled for a deload.

Can I increase my muscle mass while following this program?
100% This programming also focuses on hypertrophic training to increase muscle mass as well.
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