Studio Tour with top metal producer Russ Russell and talk about Guitar Recording

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Russ Russell tells us why he leaves recording the Bass Guitar until after recording most guitar parts. This is not just for tuning, telling if a bass guitar is perfectly in-tune tracking the drums isn’t easy and also, knowing the bass guitar sound that will fit with the track and all the guitars isn’t possible. Much easier to record the guitars first and then when you record that bass guitar you’ll know what works with the drums and guitars. Learn about how he approaches a tracking session.

Another tip of Russ’s is that you don’t have to have the same EQ for the bass guitar all the way through the track, this allows you to make the bass fit the various sections. This can apply to guitars or any other elements.

In this video Russ talks with Mike about guitar recording and how he approaches tracking sessions at Parlour Sound Studios and then gives us a tour around the hidden equipment room where the various guitar amps, drums and all the other instruments and microphones are kept. Half way through the tour Mike and Russ reference Woodworm Studios so we inserted a brief whirlwind tour of there to do our friends there a favour!

The full interview sat in the control room rounds off this video and we hope that this more in-depth feature gives some useful tips and we look forward to visiting the studio again to do some guitar recording workshops in the near future.

A big thanks to Russ Russell for giving us the time to chat and to Mike Exeter who took time out of a session to nip over to Parlour Sound to look around and talk record production.

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