Super Mario Bros but my controller is an ELECTRIC GUITAR!

Here's the original Super Mario Bros, but my controller is an electric guitar! We start at World 1-1 in the original Super Mario Bros on NES using an electric guitar as a controller, how far can we get? We're not using an NES controller, we're not using a Guitar Hero controller, we're using a real electric guitar as a controller to control Mario! The sounds from my guitar amp are converted to controller inputs using the program Abject Audio Inputs, and we play through Super Mario Bros on the NES using a real guitar as a controller!

This video was made in celebration of Mario Day (March 10, because "MAR 10" kind of looks like "MARIO"), where I wanted to see how far we can get in the original Super Mario Bros by using an electric guitar as a controller! We start off at World 1-1 and we see how far we can get in the original Super Mario Bros on the NES! There are a lot of funny Mario moments in this Mario gameplay video where we use a guitar as a controller :D

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How does this work? My guitar amp is plugged in directly to my PC via USB cable, although Abject Audio Inputs can also be used with a microphone! You set the frequencies of different notes to correspond to different button presses, and voila! You're now playing video games with a real guitar :D

You can get the program here:

Intro/ explanation - 0:00
Getting started - 0:17
First death - 0:37
Attempt #3 - 1:03
After first Game Over - 1:31
Getting better at pipes, but bad at input delay - 1:53
Getting a mushroom - 2:20
First big jump - 2:57
Wrong button - 3:28
Getting into the groove of things - 3:46
First fireflower appearance - 4:07
Continuing from half-way - 4:31
Nice way to take out goombas - 4:49
Getting a fireflower - 5:14
Using the fireflower - 5:50
Stuck in a hole - 6:50
A difficult jump with goombas - 7:23
Sniping a goomba - 8:09
More fireflower action - 8:30
Tough jumps - 8:52
Mushroom strategies - 9:19
Getting to the fireflower again - 10:00
A jump that surprised me - 11:00
One of the hardest parts again - 11:20
Swapping my jump button to a different string - 12:24
Getting close to the end - 13:24
Getting the star power-up - 13:50
Getting the star - 14:25
So close to the end - 14:55
The scariest jump - 15:15
Another chance to continue - 16:40
Solid beginnings now - 17:24
Is it worth getting the star? - 18:28
At the scariest pit again - 18:54
Past the pit again - 19:27
AT THE END! - 19:55
One more attempt left - 20:40
Back to the checkpoint again - 21:50
At the scary pit - 22:16
World 1-2 - 25:20
World 1-2 Attempt #2 - 27:30
Game Over and restarting - 27:44
Thank you for watching! - 28:11

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