Taco After Dark Winter Essentials Episode 4 ECM Circulators

Taco’s Rick Mayo, Dave Holdorf and John Barba lead us through six weeks’ worth of hydronics essentials, capping off with a St. Patrick’s Day even blowout on Tips, Tricks and Other Essentials. This six-week session promises to be highly interactive, highly informative and, as always, highly fun. This episode focuses on ECM Circulator Essentials.

ECM stands for Electronically Commutated Motor. Those three little letters are transforming residential hydronics, but do we really know what we need to know about how these remarkable little devices work? Variable Speed Technology can do wonders for the modern residential hydronic system, but they’re not magic, and they don’t size themselves – no matter how many times you push that button. In this highly anticipated session, we’ll dispel the common falsehoods being fed to the industry about variable speed circulators and get right down to the truth of how they work, what they do and the value they bring to your systems.

You’ll learn the difference between Delta-T and Delta-P circulators, why each exists and what each can do for you. We’ll also show you the latest in ECM technology and the advantages of Bluetooth Connectivity.

For more information on this series visit https://www.tacocomfort.com/training/online-training/taco-after-dark/
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