Teensy 4.1 - Piezo Drum Trigger Signal Conditioner Interface (4-ch)

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Observe piezo raw signal
1:48 Begin signal conditioning
2:24 Rectify signal
2:59 Peak detector
5:00 Clamp voltage
5:48 Schematic Design
8:58 Ordering PCBs from pcbway.com
9:26 PCB hook up to Teensy 4.1 and Adafruit I2S audio board
10:09 Sketch overview
11:57 Trigger input detection algorithm
13:36 Drum Demo

When piezo transducers are mechanically struck, they generate voltage spikes that can vary in voltage level, polarity, and active duration. The voltages can be a few volts or many tens of volts.

This pcb provides an interface between piezo elements and a microcontroller input (analog or digital). It limits the voltages to safe levels, filters them, and provides a more consistent level-sensitive output as the device is struck with varying intensity.

This pcb provides a 4 channel signal conditioner, allowing piezo elements to be used in a drum sample player on Teensy 4.1

Sketch, schematic and wiring diagram:
Bare PCBs available at pcbway.com (I may receive a commission if ordered): https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Piezo_Drum_Trigger_Signal_Conditioner_Interface__4_ch_.html
Teensy Audio Design Tool Gui:
Piezo transducer datasheet example:
Digital audio latency timing considerations in hearing perception:

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