Tekton Lores vs. ZU Omen MK I: Battle of the full range budget speakers. Only one can be KING!

Because you continued to ask...I am finally reviewing the Tekton Lores in depth, but they are not alone! What better way to spice up a speaker review than to pit two badass full range budget speakers together. I will break them down based on Fit N Finish, components and finally (all you care about) is the sound.

You can skip to 18:45 to hear what I think about the sound differences. It was an absolute pleasure reviewing these two cousins. Amazingly I didn't get tired of hearing the same tracks six times over while noting the minute details. There can only be one King and it was a close match.

Albums and Tracks used:
Sia - Some People have real problems (#2, #4, #7 and #10)
Enya - Watermark (#2, #3, #4 and #10)
Norah Jones - Feels Like Home (#1, #2, #3 and #12)
Franz Schubert - Andante Con Moto (Winterthur 1997)
Melody Gardot - Live in Europe - The Rain

I have lots of gear coming up in the next month to cover off on and will get back to it. Some sneak previews; budget mono block amp review. Refurbished Acoustic Audio AR-92’s. Alta Audio IO’s, Marantz PM11S1 and Vintage Tannoy T-225’s. I’m very excited to get my hands on those Alta’s. Click subscribe and slap that bell so you can stay hip!

Thank You to intro music provided by
"Rumble" composed by Ben Tissot

ZU Specs song from Wevideo (annual licensed paid).
Titled "Ready to Rock" The Sixth Gate Music.
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