TEN 357 - Lucid Air In Production, Ford's Big EV Investment, UK Controlling EV Charging

00:00 - Introduction
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01:03 - The Lucid Air enters production as Lucid holds official launch event
01:59 - Tesla FSD Beta assessment shows some interesting quirks as people prove they’re safe to use FSD public beta.
03:02 - Genesis finally unveils the GV60
04:00 - Lordstown Says It has sold its factory to Foxconn… but there are some caveats
05:01 - Ford announces multiple new massive production facilities to help it transition to Evs
06:04 - Nio begins deliveries of the ES8 in Norway, opens up its first non-Chinese Nio House
07:01 - 2022 Ford Mustang Mach E will indeed get longer-range thanks to parameter changes.
07:58 - Polestar goes public via an unexpected SPAC
08:46 - Uk Government proposes a plan to mandate all EV chargers are smart-controlled, allowing it to turn on or off charging stations at whim.
09:50 - GM begins production of Brightdrop delivery vans, announces new variant
10:06 - Ford Mustang Mach E spectacularly fails the ‘Moose Test’
10:20 - Tata celebrates its first 10,000 EVs sold
10:41 - Ford Mustang Mach E spectacularly fails the ‘Moose Test’
10:56 - UK Petrol shortages spike massive interest in EVs
11:11 - ABB launches 4-head 360 kW charging station.
11:35 - Tesla applies for clothing trademark for “Cyberquad” name
11:50 - CVEC launches program to help low income folks get into EVs in central California
12:02 - Electric cars now cheaper on average to insure in the UK than petrol ones
12:17 - Third party work-around brings Android Auto to a Tesla
12:33 - Geelee wants to build 5,000 battery swap stations across China by 2025
12:47 - Firefighters in Georgia show quick thinking fighting a Tesla fire
13:04 - Cupra Born enters into production in Germany
13:16 - Tesla rumored to be close to getting approval for GigaBerlin to start work
13:31 - Ford secures $15.5 billion revolving credit line
13:46 - Nikola gets another cash injection, announces hydrogen fueling collaboration across the U.S.
14:01 - UK eVTOL Company Vertical Airspace heads to Japan
14:16 - Tesla goes on offensive, sues former customers in China
14:30 - Subaru teases the Solterra in new video
14:47 - Elon Musk says FSD Beta shouldn’t have an NDA
15:06 - CAKE raises $60 million in funding
15:21 - Mumbai’s Transportation Authority sets out a tender for 1,900 electric buses
15:35 - Tesla sued by police officers crashed into by a drunken Tesla Model X Driver using Autopilot
15:52 - Russia to give EV owners free access to toll roads from next year as a test program
16:06 - Five midwestern governors agree to create a network for charging EVs
16:21 - Third-party Tesla approved shops accuse Tesla of stealing their staff
16:37 - Jeep Grand Cherokee PHEV Launches with 25-Mile EV Range
16:52 - Disney Zootopia-themed EV hits the road in China
17:11 - OLA raises $200 million, is now valued at $3 billion!
17:58 - Tesla celebrates making one million battery packs!
18:52 - Thanks, and goodbye!

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