Teri Mitti on Manley 300B Snapper and Tekton Encore

I restart the song at 0:07. I first heard this song at a demo, introduced by my hifi buddy GChord. It's a wonderful song from a movie. Link below.


Listen with headphones. Binaural Recording: Sennheiser Ambeo Binaural Headset, iphone 11 pro max

Set up details: Auralic Aries G2, Chord M scaler, Chord DAVE dac, Manley Neo Classic 300B pre amp, Manley Snapper mono-block amps, Tekton Design Encore speaker, Duelund/Wireworld/Oyaide/DH Labs cables, Plixir Elite balanced power conditioners, Telos QNR, GNR, 2x PSI AVAA C20 bass traps and 6x passive bass traps.

Song: Teri Mitti
Singers – B Praak
Music – Arko
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir

All rights belongs to the music publishers
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