TExES ELAR 4-8 Review Part 2

This is a recording of a review that I gave for ELAR 4-8. It covers Competencies 005 to 006 due to time constraints. I used the following resources for the review:

Text Structure Techniques - Sequence & Descriptionhttps://youtu.be/GpD4lcbeSJo
Text Structure Techniques - Problem / Solution & Cause / Effect https://youtu.be/gEEXvMPMU2k
Text Structure Techniques - Comparison https://youtu.be/d_ZL0yEeUac
Myths, Fables and Legends https://youtu.be/hps4nnNbLFc
Types of Characters and Literature https://youtu.be/Lfs53c7axWk
ELEMENTS OF A SHORT STORY | Literature | ELC https://youtu.be/xcXRXwneFY0
Writers Workshop: Every Child is an Author https://youtu.be/7B4X2LkJwnE
ELA Writing and Grammar Conventions Series Part 1 of 4: Sentence Structure https://youtu.be/5S90m1FieS4
ELA Writing and Grammar Conventions Series Part 2 of 4: Punctuation https://youtu.be/PY5_D2kUEpM
ELA Writing and Grammar Conventions Series Part 3 of 4: Commas https://youtu.be/BYhvpu4MH0A
ELA Writing & Grammar Conventions Series Part 4 of 4: Teaching Grammar to English Language Learners https://youtu.be/SZOOPAEXuxA

Cavallo, A., Ph.D., Allmond, K., Ed.D., Curtis, M., Ph.D., Gawlik, C., Ph.D., Hulings, M., Ph.D., & Semingson, P., Ph.D. (2019). Chapter 3 Subject Test I: English Language Arts and Reading (806). In TExES Core Subjects 4-8 Book (pp. 15-105). Cranbury, NJ: Research & Education Association.
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