The Best Tricks To Make Boxed Mac And Cheese Taste Even Better

If you need a comforting dinner at home and you need it fast, you could do a lot worse than reaching for a box of macaroni and cheese you can quickly whip up on the stovetop. And look, there's nothing wrong with mac and cheese on its own. But what if you want to ramp up the quality a notch?

There are ways to do it, and it's not as much added work as you might think. The food hackers on TikTok and Reddit have figured out some great ways to raise the stakes on their boxed macaroni and cheese. We're here to share their knowledge. Here are the best tricks to make boxed mac and cheese taste even better.

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Add cream cheese | 0:00
Black pepper | 1:06
Protein | 1:53
Cheez-Its | 2:59
Deep-fried mac 'n cheese balls | 3:58
Cheese powder and ramen | 4:56
Heavy cream | 5:43
Creative ingredients | 6:38
Cream of chicken soup | 7:42
Make a sandwich | 8:37
A TikTok hack | 9:26
Veggies | 10:40

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