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As he briefly turned his head and recognised me, what little tension left in Alex's body evaporated. As if his 'dejected man sitting at a bar' look wasn't as complete enough, he somehow managed to squeeze more out of it. Not intentionally of course, but amusing to me nonetheless. Now I know I come across as confident, composed and clever - and that's because I am. But despite the impenetrable exterior, this situation was making me a little nervous. I try very hard not to come across as awkward, which sometimes backfires. As it did here. It was clear he recognised me, and it was clear that I wanted to talk to him, and yet I just stood there. The tension was so sharp I thought we'd be dead on the floor soon - even if this didn't break out into a fight. The only thing softening it was the atmospheric sounds of the rest of the pub behind us, and my too-loud sips of ginger beer.
Finally, after what felt like hours but was probably just a few minutes, the chips arrived. Hot, crispy and fluffy on the inside. Grains of salt lightly showered on top... sorry I'm getting distracted again.
I picked up a chip and oh-so-casually ate it, trying to look as normal as possible, sitting right next to the other guy on an otherwise empty bar which at this point felt like it went on for miles. Then the masterstroke.
"Wanna chip?" I said, with all the believable pretence of a five year old child blaming the dog for turning on the TV. Alex looked at me so incredulously I thought I must have accidentally asked him to marry me.
"Are you bloody kidding me?"

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