The Black Album Reaction | Metallica | Enter Sandman, Sad But True, Holier than Thou

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0:00 intro/context of this react
0:31 enter sandman
5:40 enter sandman -my remarks
7:03 Sad But True
12:27 Sad but True, important remarks
14:06 Holier than Thou
17:56 Holier than Thou- comments

In this video Canadian Guitarist/producer Dean Wolfe reacts to Enter Sandman, Sad But True and Holier That Thou...

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I'm Dean Wolfe, a mostly self-taught Canadian guitarist/composer/multi-instrumentalist/singer/producer/performer. I started out as a full time musician, on the road at age 17 for two years, then went part-time ever since, while holding day careers including chef and spiritual health care while raising a family.
As a producer I've made hundreds of my own songs for media and award winning documentaries etc. I've been in several bands including a prog/jazz fusion act nFuze, performing in International Jazz festivals and jazz clubs. I mostly abandoned the prog genre in the 90s but have returned to it now with vigour 30 years later. So much prog! My own prog band was rejected by record labels as "too progressive' in the late 80s, so i detoured into grunge, pop and alternative instead (then folk / acoustic fingerstyle guitar and ambient electronic as well).

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