The First Telecasters: the Blackguards, A Short History

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I've been haunted by the look and sound of blackguard telecasters since college. Mike Campbell's playing with Tom Petty cemented the idea that you can do it all with a Telecaster and as he uses a '51 "Nocaster" that's the image that has always stuck with me.
I've chased that down in my own guitars with a butterscotch Strandberg Sälen, modded to a have flat black guard. The combination of blackguard styling along with the amazing ergonomics of the Strandbergs is the perfect combination for me. But honestly, it's the invocation of those earliest Fender guitars that lights me up, just seeing it on the stand next to my writing station makes me smile.
It's very hard to squeeze a "more than a sketch but less than a collector's view" into a 30 minute video, but that's what I try to do with the Short History videos. See the live stream on this subject to talk about the stuff that didn't fit...or...God forbid...the stuff the references, and then I got wrong. :)
Thanks for watching.
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