The Hardest Thing to Teach on Guitar

Listening Homework:

Here's a link to the fingerstyle course:

Answering some questions about dissecting the rhythm guitar and strumming patterns, free guitars, a good boost pedal, the most fun thing to play, how often I change my strings, how awesome Alex de Grassi is and more!

Here are the contest details:
Ok so me and my guy @DØVYDAS are giving away a couple of Ortega guitars and a coveted Horsekick Pro! There are 3 ways to win:

1) Cover an Emeryld Ryders song of your choosing and post it to YouTube, then send me the link.
2) Create some Star Wars themed fan art of us (it can be digital but if it's 'analog' just send a picture of it)
3) Compose a literary masterpiece of fan fiction and send it our way.

Sadly it's only open to US shipping addresses and the deadline to enter is February 9th. Then we'll be reviewing some of the finest selections and choosing the winner on a video. All submissions please send to:

[email protected]

Here's the video on the Walrus Emissary boost pedal:
The lesson on Parador:
Our spa music:

If you like what we're throwing down in this video, check out the MasterClass I made on how to solo on guitar with another musician. You won't regret it!

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