The Isobaric Subwoofer Mockup Build and Testing

Watch the first video in this series: https://youtu.be/Cko7eVet9Ec

While I almost 100% trust the results that the modeling software give, there's nothing like actually building one to test. This was quickly thrown together with various scraps of plywood and works as predicted.
This will be the lower section of my new main speakers, but I'm not entire sure how that bottom section will be made, yet.
Original concept (as shown in the video) is to have the outer woofer facing out, forward. I may change that to a clamshell design and have that facing backwards. Also shown is the vent facing forward, and I will likely move that as well.
The drivers are 12" custom made by Eminence. T/S specs:
Fs - 27.9
Re - 7.4
Qms - 8.9
Qes - .5
SD - 210cm^2
Vas - 126 L
Xmas (peak) - 9.8mm
Le - .84

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