The Tone Hag - 6AQ5 Push Push All Tube Guitar Amp Head

The Tone Hag - 6AQ5 Push Push All Tube Guitar Amp Head

- 5Y3 rectifier
- 6AQ5 power/output
- 12AX7 long tail phase inverter
- 12AX7 gain stages 1 and 2
- one input with a hi/lo switch
- volume control
- single knob tone control
- line/recording out
- single 8 ohm output jack
- one choke for the screen section
- a second choke for phase inverter section
- and a 5.1K feeding the preamp section

I don't seem to have many pictures of this amp. The song in the back ground is The Cap'n Meets Royalty 2021. It's a cleaned-up/remixed version of the original song I did years back.

I'm still working on getting to the point of doing 'better' videos. I have picked up a couple cheaper recording mic's for my cell phone. One mic came in a kit that also came with a light, cell phone, and little tri-pod.

The next step here soon is to hopefully do a mix of pictures and video, then try to move onto all video. Again, I'm not the video pro you know by any means and am learning as I go. Gotta start somewhere ;)

Hope you enjoy it,
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