Theta Crypto! If you don't know Theta, lets talk! AMP remains flat and Flexa is quiet, ETF's? Again?

Cats and kittens! Let's talk about Theta! I will be doing a series on this one, really hot on it for 2022, and as crypto can also be a long game, so to can Theta. It's ready, they are moving on it, and I think it's great!

AMP remains flat and this works wonderfully for me. I buy AMP with OPM, might have mentioned that from time to time. When you are not using your own money, price of it doesn't matter. I recommend this method!

ETF's continue to pump BTC and they aren't even really here yet. I am not crazy about paper bitcoin and ETF's are not spot. My stop-loss orders are super short behind my buys, if I don't know, I am not willing to take a lot of risk. Not financial advice, your mileage may vary!

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