This Old Bench Ep. 2 - Zap Machine | EarthQuaker Devices

Hey, Beloved Pedal Nerds and the Pedal Curious!

It’s time for another trip into the EarthQuaker Devices Wayback Machine!
For This Old Bench episode #2, our nattily flanneled and bearded host, EQD builder Justin Seeker highlights another rare, vintage pedal from the collection of EQD production manager Jeff France. This time out, Justin has an early and extremely limited version of the Zap Machine dirt device. How limited was this device, You query? We only made 20 units back in 2010, and they were manufactured exclusively for a now non-existent guitar store. This one doesn’t even have a serial number or an inside-the-enclosure doodle! That’s pretty danged limited, right? If you’re a collector, good luck finding this silicon/germanium hybrid dirtbox in any of the usual online places. Hell, this version of the Zap Machine isn’t even featured on the EQD legacy page. We’re talking OG Super Rare EQD here, folks.

Plus, we hear from EQD Mastermind Jamie Stillman, who recalls the original inspiration for creating this “organicoverdrivedistortion” and sings the praises of the sound and sight of the original Zap Machine circuit which he still uses one of his pedalboards. See you in episode 3!

Shot by Chris Tran & David Whited
Engineered & Mixed by Jeff France
Hosted by Justin Seeker
Music provided by Lisa Bella Donna and

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