This Small Battery packs a Big Punch

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This is a small 48v Lithium battery from Battery Hookup. It's made up of small 18650 cells that can discharge some serious amps. The cell arrangement is 4p13s. This is great for small portable projects where you need a lot of power, but for a short period of time. Think of this as your cordless tool battery on steroids. Panasonic 48v 13s 6.4ah, 300wh, power module.

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48v Panasonic Battery:

Steel Box:

BMS (select 13s Li-ion):

Bluetooth Dongle:

Snip Tool:

Anderson SB50 Connector, and Kapton Tape were purchased from:

Amazon Affiliate Links:

Marking Pen:
Rivet Nut Tool:
Tesa Loom Tape:
10 AWG Wire:
Crimp Tool:
Ring Terminal:

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