This Was Way Too Close! - Neural DSP Quad Cortex vs. A Real Amp

It’s the video that you’ve all been waiting for! Lee, Pete and Rabea pit Neural DSP's remarkable Quad Cortex against a couple of valve-driven Victory amps. Question is, can you tell the difference between them? |

» Neural DSP Quad Cortex Digital Amp & Effects Modeller |
» Victory DP40 "Danish Pete" Signature 40W Duchess Head |
» Victory V212-DP "Danish Pete" Signature 2x12" Vertical Cab |
» Victory VC35 'The Copper' EL84 Valve Amp Head |
» Victory V212-VB 2x12" Vertical Cab in Brown |
» Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700 Power Amp |

Neural DSP's Quad Cortex has taken the guitar world by storm and was one of the most highly-anticipated new products in recent memory! Acclaimed for its realism, we've tackled the question that all players have been asking since this cutting-edge digital unit was first unveiled. And as you'll find out in our video, the Quad Cortex's "Capture" feature makes it very hard to tell the difference!

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