Three Sounds: Formula B Pedals Eighty Master Distortion


For today’s Three Sounds reel we’re taking a look at the newest release from Formula B Pedals, the Eighty Master.
Hand built in Italy, the Eighty Master is an amp like distortion inspired by the stadium sized guitar tones of the 80’s. It delivers a a wide range of sounds from push amp style break up all the way to searing high gain tones.

The Eighty Master gives you plenty of control over your signal, 6 knobs and 2 switches. You’ve got a Gain control and Treble/Mid/Bass controls that function as you’d expect. They are very reactive to each other. The volume knob also does exactly what you’d expect. The last knob is the Modeling control. This acts like a presence control and let’s you really fine tune the top end of the pedal to suit the amp that you’re playing through. The toggles are 50/100w mode that essential functions as a low/high gain switch. And the comp toggle is a three way switch, that adds a compressor to the circuit. in the middle it is bypassed, to the left is on a light setting, and to the right it is much more aggressive.

Thank you Formula B for including me in your launch.

Signal chain is:
@gibsonguitar 1966 ES-355
@formulabpedals Eighty Master
@official_line6 DL4 MKII (on solo)
@bensonamps Monarch Reverb
@uaudio Ox Box

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