Time to tackle that hyperpigmentation | CC Episode 28

It's hard to believe that cooler weather is already upon us! Fall is a fantastic time to ramp up your actives game and tackle that pesky hyperpigmentation

0:00 | Brand Update: we finished our first Hatchery of 2021! And some nice words about the Specialist and Blank Slate

7:38 | In the News: skincare market growth, new CosRX lip products, and the question no one as asked "Skincare before sex? Or sex before skincare?"

17:09 | The Meat Pt 1: This episode is all about treating your hyperpigmentation. Let's go over basic biology, shopping tips, and a 101 routine

34:25 | Claims Corner: Gloria & Victoria love extra ridiculous marketing stories

39:12| The Meat Pt 2: Let's take a closer look at hydroquinone's cousin - arbutin!

51:35 | Animal Corner: who knew beavers are so interesting?

51:35 | Q&A: skincare pH questions!

Other Helpful Topics:
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-Hyperpigmentation pt 2 blog: https://chemistconfessions.com/blogs/news/hyperpigmentation-pt-2-routine-guide-and-shopping-tips
-Retinol Blog Post: https://chemistconfessions.com/blogs/news/retinol-the-tried-and-true-way-to-put-off-botox
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