Tom Morello Gear Guide - How To Get His Signature Raw, Hard-Hitting Tone! + Whammy & DJ Awesomeness!

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Dagan shows us how to sound like Tom Morello! The modern day guitar hero known for his unique and creative approach to guitar playing, from signature riffs to making his guitar sound like DJ decks, Tom's setup is actually simpler than it sounds, and here's all the gear you need to achieve it!

Tom Morello's tone is instantly recognisable, whether it be with Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchmen, Prophets Of Rage or any of his amazing solo Atlas Underground records, this is thanks to the unique way Tom utilises his guitar and effects to make them sound and react not in the way you'd traditionally see!

We show you what guitars and pedals Tom Morello uses and what amps he uses to get his signature sound!

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00:00 Intro
01:12 Tom Morello - his many and varied musical endeavours
01:52 Tom's three main guitars
02:14 'Soul Power' Fender Tom Morello Signature Stratocaster
04:04 'Arm The Homeless' Guitar History & Specs
05:18 'Sendero Luminoso' Fender Telecaster
06:07 Tom's signature Dunlop wah
06:25 EHX Pitch Fork
08:22 MXR Phase 90
08:30 Boss TR-2 Tremolo
09:06 Boss DD-8 Delay
11:21 MXR Power 50 / Marshall JCM 800
13:53 Telecaster sound demos
15:19 DJ noises!
16:32 MXR Power 50 sound demos
19:30 Final thoughts & outro

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