TOP 5: Best Guitar Amplifiers For 2022 - AMP Buying Guide!

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► Fender Mustang LT-25 -
► Orange Terror Stamp -

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01:12 Positive Grid Spark 40
02:32 Fender Mustang LT25
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Let's begin with the best overall Revv G20. This D20 from Revv is the world's first Two notes Torpedo-Embedded amplifier. It can host the world's finest virtual cabinets, virtual mics, speakers, EQ, and reverb wholly on-board for direct recording, silent playing with headphones, and live performance to a front-of-house PA mix. And coming compatible with Torpedo Remote software, it can also fully customize your tone via USB, making D20 even more portable and fly-in-friendly. Its output can be switched into a 4-watt mode, which is excellent for low-volume practice situations. And utilizing its push and pull gain knob, it will provide signature Dynamis cleans or characterful crunch and dirt for a perfect platform for your favorite pedals.

Next is Positive Grid Spark 40. This Spark has got all effects that you'd expect from a state-of-the-art desktop amp, including connectivity, amp modeling, and onboard. By design, it has a table-friendly format that comes all black and gold with a piping, grill, and control panel. And its finish is of high quality while coming at 5.2 kg, it is very portable and easy to use. Learning your style and feel, it can generate authentic bass and drums to accompany you. And in addition to that, you can also access over 10000 killer guitar, bass, amp, and effect presents, with which you can play pristine melodies, crunchy chords, and soaring leads. Connecting the Spark app will let you get all new possibilities. Like, in terms of tone, you will have 30 different amps, five compressor pedal models, nine overdrives, ten modulation pedals, six delays, and nine reverbs to play with. And apart from that, you can also design your own signal chain and save those choices into one of seven amp voices across the four preset banks.

Next is Fender Mustang LT25. This Fender Mustang LT25 is a modeling combo featuring an eight-inch speaker, 20 amp models, 25 effects, USB connectivity, and an auxiliary input. With an 8in speaker and a built-in digital effects processor, this Mustang LT25 can simulate the sound of various classic amplifiers and can add drive, modulation, delay, and reverb effects. And utilizing its dedicated encoder knob and a 1.8-inch color display will let you browse through 30 pre-programmed tones and adjust and edit them to your liking. The Fender’s Mustang GT 40 and the LT25 uses the same modeling techniques, sounding fantastic. And when it comes to ports, it houses a 6.35mm input for your guitar. While its other two 3.5mm jack sockets remaining can be used to plug in a pair of headphones. So, in all, this Mustang LT25 is very hard to beat. It’s not the most feature-packed modeling amp. But when it comes to the sounds, you will get an amazing sound that you’re bound to find something that suits you.

Next is Fender Mustang LT-25. This Mustang LT-25 is a simple amplifier that comes with some diverse modeling and tone-shaping options. By design, it is pretty compact, coming in an 8-inch speaker with a total of 25 watts of power. It has a basic control panel with the usual controls. And apart from the master volume, there’s also an individual channel volume, a 2-band EQ, and an input gain knob as well. It houses a small display, with which you can get the current preset. And next to it is a dial knob that lets you choose from any of the saved presets.


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