Tortoise damage record & 1vs12 - World of Tanks

Tortoise damage record & 1vs12 - World of Tanks
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The Tortoise is a British tier 9 tank destroyer.
The Tortoise is part of the British tank destroyer line.
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The development of this assault tank began in Great Britain in 1942. The design was finalized by February 1944, and an order was placed for 25 vehicles. However, by the fall of 1947 only five tanks had been manufactured.

Battle Stats:
Map Mountain Pass
Damage: 12422
Frags: 12
Blocked damage: 9130

Medals: 9
Master, Bruiser, Duelist, Fire for Effect, Pool´s, Cool-Headed, Defender, High Caliber, Warrior,

Mods used for the replay recordings: aslains modpack from wgmods(dot)net
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